BA in Management Practice

Wednesday, 28 August 2024


2 Semesters

NFQ Level 8

University of Limerick



Programme Overview

Designed to enhance the key competencies required to provide direction, facilitate change, manage resources and collaborate across functions, the one-year BA in Management Practice uses interactive workshops and self-directed study to empower learners by developing their individual strengths, expanding their practical skills and offering the latest and best-practice techniques.

Learning Outcomes

Participants Learn to:-

  • Understand management principles and practices, as well as what it means to be an effective manager in a constantly changing national and international landscape
  • Reflect upon their managerial experience by encouraging self-evaluation and enhancing self-awareness
  • Use key personal and managerial skills, including problem-solving, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and presentation skills, to improve teamwork, motivation and performance
  • Develop their creativity and operational effectiveness, and execute leadership responsibilities within their organisation
  • Use analytical thinking to diagnose problems, formulate solutions with others and make effective decisions to address contemporary management problems

Who is this course for ?

The programme is open to applicants who hold a Level 7 NFQ, ECTS 60 credits award (minimum 2.2) in Management or Business Studies or equivalent.


Autumn Semester

MG4917 Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management
PM3018 Personnel Management Practice
MG4927 Cross Cultural Management
MG2131 Management Project: Planning Techniques and Decision Making

Spring Semester
MG4918 Strategic Management
MG4928 Organisational Performance and Effectiveness
EC4908 Issues in the Global Economic Environment
MB4938 Management Project: Implementation and Evaluation

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