Computer Aided Manufacturing of Materials ESF+

Monday, 16 September 2024

25 Weeks

Computer Aided Manufacturing of Materials (CAM CNC Machining)

Technological University of the Shannon Moylish Campus



Programme overview

The purpose of this unit is to enable learners to develop an understanding of modern CAM and CNC machining systems, the importance of information links between CAD product data and manufacturing data, the role of process planning in manufacturing and the types of process planning available. This programme covers CNC machining using CAM technologies in areas such as 2.5D Milling including trochoidal milling, 3D roughing, 3D surface machining, 5-axis milling turning and mill/turn.

Entry Requirements

  • International City and Guilds Certificate award (2565) or,
  • National Craft Certificate in the following trades: Aircraft Mechanic, Electrician, Fitter, Heavy Vehicle Mechanic, Toolmaker, Metal Fabrication, Motor Mechanic or equivalent or,
  • National Certificate in Engineering or,
  • National Certificate in Technology or,
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Certified Manufacturing Technologist Level
  • Experience in a Manufacturing Environment.

Course Content

This course focuses on the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programming of CNC machines. Using 3D CAD models, students will use industrial standard CAM software to program components for manufacture using CNC milling machines and turning centres. Students will develop a greater depth knowledge in current CNC tooling technology and quality standards, analyse tooling usage, speeds, feeds, operation sequencing and machining strategies for greater machining efficiency. Preparation of the machine, selection and the preparing of the required methods of work holding, Selection and the correct mounting of tooling, are also key components of this course. Students will create process plans for components, document the verification of programs before post processing and transferring the data to the machine controller to manufacture a small number of the components.

At the end of this module the learner will understand:

  • The use of automation in modern machining systems.
  • The information links between Computer Aided Machining and manufacturing systems.
  • Process planning for manufacture.
  • How to produce CNC part-programs and transfer to the CNC controller.
  • How to produce parts using CAD CAM software and CNC milling and turning machine.

25 Weeks, 1 evening per week, 3 hours per evening Tuesday 7pm to 10pm

Course Application Deadline: 18 August 2024. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Course will be closed once the maximum number of applicants is reached. Courses run subject to viable numbers.

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